Be Nice on the Way Up

The road to success is probably the most talked about topic especially in the business world with so many people giving advice on ‘how to’. Don’t get me wrong the techniques are amazing and some of the tips and tricks of the trade are methods I have adopted into my weekly mantra and way of working.
But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. I want you to focus on your mindset. You’re thinking Mindset here we go; ‘Move like a boss, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Good to Great ok I’m literally reeling of songs and books I have lol. No, I don’t mean that at all, No I’m talking about your idiosyncrasies your characteristics or more to the point how you treat others.

You see I have gone from student to low level employee to manager to owning my own business. As you can imagine this provided me with a vast network of people high and low domestically and believe it or not overseas too (I’ve worked everywhere). I’m that guy that you go out with to a bar or cinema in your location and chances are, I will see someone I know, or who knows me. It has its drawbacks trust me. Now the same goes for my professional life and I’ve come to a conclusion – BE NICE ON the way UP. Time and Time again I have approached a company or board pitching my socks off to gain new or maintain ongoing business (sustaining cashflow for your company is paramount – and I ain’t to proud to beg – another song quote) only to find that the decision maker is someone who I knew years ago who a junior to me. Some random guy who was admin or reception at an office I worked at who I treated like the CEO…bought coffee’s for gave him/her time and would have a laugh with where everyone else ignored.

I didn’t do it because I felt sympathy for or had some alterior motive no I just showed the person love because I’m genuinely a nice guy and if my spirit takes to you, we good, period!

Now here I am in need of a simple but hard to acquire YES to get the finance I need contract I need whatever…and here stands Michael/Michelle who I use to buy cheeky doughnuts for whenever I went to the local coffee shop on my break.

Kaboom! I’ve won the contract plus got to catch up with my long-lost acquaintance who can’t wait to tell me 2 things; how they got from where they were to where they are now and 2 how much they admired and respected me for all the love I showed back when. You see I saw greatness in them long before anyone else did probably before they did as a matter of fact.

Being nice paid off. I have won contracts valued at £80K £120K all because of how I conduct myself not just in front of those I can gain from but those who at the time seem insignificant.
So, I want to use this Monday to implore you to simply be nice to people on the way up the ticket guy the bus driver the uber driver the administrator the cleaning for crying out loud. Tomorrow could be the day you reap what you’ve sown.

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