Being good at anything is a fantastic achievement and worth its weight in Gold. In fact, most businesses reach this level and take their foot of the peddle knowing they have good turnover good staff a good reputation and a good chance of sustainability.
So why strive for greatness? If that’s what you’re thinking, then this article isn’t for you.
At KB Consultancy we swiftly found out that we were missing out on a huge proportion of business not because we weren’t good enough but simply because we weren’t great.
We discovered this month before the pandemic struck and it was at this point I decided that I wanted every customer who visited our website social platform or google search to not only view read and find interest in our content or services offered but to sign up subscribed and even move forward with a virtual version of ourselves. Ultimately, we couldn’t be everywhere at once and succeeding in this task meant we would need to find a way to work when we are not working. Nope I’m not talking about magic here Im talking about having an online platform that would be there as a preliminary support at a cost-effective price to help small to medium size businesses learn the basics.

You see going from good to great is about applying a system that focuses on service excellence not leaving a stone unturned and becoming extremely good at very specific things. Not doing too much as my partner would often say during our lengthy conversations on life success and every day hurdles.
Lets get great at doing these 5 things
1. Customer Satisfaction
2. Fulfilling our promise
3. Giving our target audience every angle of support necessary
4. Doing the above with intent to gain repeat business
5. Enjoying what we do (finding staff/consultants who have a passion for delivery on and offline
By focusing on these 5 aspects our issue would not be growth but more so growing too fast.

At this current stage we are focusing on step 5 a step I am finding most difficult but once we land I have every confidence of our company becoming great. Because Great is what companies we look up to such as Costcutters, Co-op and the local corner stores or mechanics who have been around since I remember have achieved.
Too often we look to companies we aren’t comparable with (I say this respectfully) Coca-Cola Mcds Dior BMW as templates to base our objectives and vision on. Is this a mistake you ask? I wouldn’t go as far as that but what I will say is don’t overlook the local small business that has stood the test of time pandemic rising and falling interest in inflation 10 government reforms on business and ever rising corporation tax.
Let’s get Great together
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Have a GREAT week