How to Make money from Clubhouse

Hi fellow socialites,

Over the last recent months we have seen a growth spurt in this amazing app called Clubhouse – a platform that connects people through audio channels on topics of any choice. Clubhouse has given rise to international and domestic connections on a more intimate level than its counterparts.

Given the direct nature of the platform it is a great way to signpost listeners to other platforms that benefit business owners. I am going to share a quick simple route way that’ll get you started and on track to begin moving customers from Clubhouse to money in the bank.

Step 1

Create a house on CH that delivers topics that are desirable to your audience (target audience) for e.g. Make your own hair conditioner.

Lightbulb moment
Now this is where you need to be business savvy and understand the difference between delivering talks on the “WHAT” or the “HOW”.

The What – This is when you describe what your audience need to do as opposed to How to do it. What to invest your money in, What to do to start a company, What to do to keep customers happy…the list goes on. This is a technique of highlighting what needs to be done but you are not I repeat you are not to explain how (that’s your Golden Nugget and Golden Nuggets are worth their weight in Gold). The what is like the trailer to a movie so now lets look at what the How is.

The How – This is when you describe how your audience can ascertain what you have, what you explain and are trying to teach. Its action or at least giving the techniques and steps on how to. The How is the Manual from Ikea, the Full movie, the secret!!!

Step 2 – Monetising Clubhouse

Clubhouse doesn’t have a direct way to get paid. This won’t last the men/women behind the Clubhouse machine are currently working on an equivalent cash app process for their users and in fact have rolled it out to some users as a trial. However this isn’t available to all just yet so let’s focus on another way that has proven fruitful for me and the team at KB Consultancy.

Use your houses (SUBSCRIBED ROOM FOR YOUR FOLLOWERS) to discuss ‘the what’; the solution to pain points that your audience are experiencing. Doing so on free platforms is a fantastic way to engage and highlight your knowledge in said topic and gain the trust of your listeners. Remember, not to give away the how…the how you save for later for your paying audience – this isn’t for the freebie crowd.

Once you have delivered a few talks on whichever topic you specialise in and have the following of your audience wanting more you can now direct them to a paying platform where you delve in deeper into the topic providing specific gems too precious to be given away on the free platforms.

An easy step would be to create a webinar which can be registered for via Eventbrite and delivered via Zoom or Teams.

Step 3 – Conversions – Paid talks

Now you have gained the following and people are tuning into your talks on clubhouse or even IG wherever you deliver the free educational talks on ‘the what’ you now can begin advertising your event dated weeks later highlighting that you will be giving away gems that aren’t available on Clubhouse but only on your webinar or whatever platform you wish to signpost them.

The listener should be able to sign up and pay a small fee to join in. At this stage it is imperative that you ensure you are delivering on your promise and giving listeners that wow/X factor. By doing so the listeners themselves will market your webinar to others like a big secret they need to get involved in.

So lets imagine you have 50 people in a room on CH who listen and follow intently, you then advertise a webinar that cost £10 – £100 depending on how much you value yourself and your content (I don’t care as long as you’re getting money). From the 50 listeners 10% convert – that’s between £50 to £500 pounds depending on your ticket price. Most people are not using the What and How and delivering free talks giving it all away. I listen and shake my head because as much as we are passionate and love what we do we NEED to HAVE to get paid.

Step 4 – Maximising your monetised success

Now if you have done a good job the audience will repost take pics and perhaps even post you on their stories highlighting the greatness you gave indirectly encouraging their own audience to follow suit. If they haven’t what are you waiting for…get on the horn blower and ask them directly to give you a testimony (ideally video reel for mass engagement) which you post on other platforms. I would also suggest that you ask them to come on the next CH room you host as a speaker to encourage others to do the same as they did. There is no better marketing than this.

Step 5 – other monetary gains from Clubhouse

Do you have an eBook a Vlog and Blog a service that is chargeable? Then you can simply ask listeners in your free session (the what) to DM you whilst in the chatroom their email address to receive these fantastic documents or services. Once they have done so you have the opportunity to highlight the fee of each and if you’ve done your job well enough on CH they will be more than happy to spend some change to get more of whatever it is you’re selling.

Good luck – for more on this topic visit our podcast which is available on iTunes Spotify Spreaker iHeart radio and many more – simply type in Growing you and Your business podcast

Have an amazing week