How to Work smarter

Recently I carried out a poll on my personal Instagram page and results showed that 80% of my followers were tired and needed rest (only 20% came back saying they were rested).

Now in case you’re wondering about the specifics of this questionnaire I can testify that it was completed on a Sunday afternoon – the most rested period of the week. So why the result?

I believe it’s fair to say that we have all had enough of everything at this point, and need that much required getaway break, R n R and/’or switch off, to really get our libido back, get our mojo back in good working order and get back that rejuvenated feeling that brings massive work results. Right now, for most of us were simply getting things done following the routine that worked but unable to shake this constant feeling of tiredness.

There’s no time to stop; after all we’ve got goals to achieve residual/passive income streams to create and multiple ways to get financially free….we can’t achieve that by taking a well needed break.

Well first and foremost I’m here to tell you that’s baloney. Taking a break is essential and even if you can’t getaway to the South of France or Rome by Plane there are many local areas within your country you can visit that’ll give you the same respite as that all expenses paid holiday. Ofcourse it isn’t quite the same as the euphoric sensation of holding a boarding pass and heading to a gate that’s positioned so far from check in that you literally feel you need a plane to get there but a “break” nonetheless.

However, when you are working there are smarter ways to do so and here are some pointers on how to achieve them.

1. No Distractions – Believe it or not social media, messaging via WhatsApp and even the notification alerts on your phone are the number 1 cause for low productivity. Pick a time turn the phone off or airplane mode that basket and crack on with the necessary task at hand. – This must be repeated daily for effectiveness

2. Use the Pomodoro Technique – Work in chunks of work taking regular breaks of 5 – 10 minutes and after doing so about 4 times taking a 30 min – 50-minute break is very useful.

3. Outsource – I’ve said it once and Ill say it again we all have our strengths but we also have our weaknesses. Find people who are smarter better and quicker at doing what you’re weak at and focus your time more on what you’re good at. By outsourcing either by hiring staff or doing what I do which is to contract services you’ll be set free.

4. 6 Goal Rule – Plan 6 things per day to complete and carry over whatever you don’t complete to day 2. Remember each day has a maximum of 6 task so any uncompleted task are then added to the next day; where you can fill out the remaining spots, making task due no more than 6

5. Plan Ahead – Create four sections Urgent 2 sections (Do it Now or Delegate)
Not urgent 2 sections (Plan it Drop it)
By simply placing task in one of these boxes you’ll find better management of your time naturally completing the Urgent do it now for yourself and delegating to those you’ve outsourced in the delegation box.