Securing your Business Online

The last four months have been extremely challenging for most companies.

Lockdown, Pandemic and closure of businesses due to legislative ruling has put many of us in dire straits.

So what should we be doing or have done by now to ensure that our business is ready to survive the current climate during these times.

The answer is simple; leveraging your business using online/digital platforms to deliver your product or service in an easy 3 to 4 step process. Why 3 to 4 steps?

Well on our e-learning Sales training we teach that when selling your services or product online you need to understand that there is different method to your sale as opposed to the conventional method of being on the phone or face to face.

Selling involves 4 basic steps, introduction, investigation, solve and finally the sell. Now on the phone especially with someone who’s savvy in selling like myself you may be able to cover all 4 steps in a 2 minute call.

“Hi Mr Miller, my name is Kwame Badu and I’m calling from KB Consultancy, we’ve noticed through our innovative research platform that your business has had a 12% reduction in sales in comparison to last years evaluation. Is this a good time to discuss how our tailored service can help you turn this around in 6 months?”

Selling online however has a totally different methodology to this way of engagement. This is good news you see; we live in a technological period where people are spending 40% of there time on. their mobiles tablets or PC’s. What does this mean? We don’t need to talk so much, in fact we can introduce highlight sell and advertise to a specific and targeted audience who have a direct interest in your product or service and it all can be automated. In other words you don’t have to lift a finger. Once you have put systems in place you can lead customers down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland to your checkout page where they will happily purchase your product or service. Now products have been sold this way for some time now but as I am sure you are aware consultancy services such as personal trainers, training platforms such as construction, health & social care (first aid) are all being done online. Now ofcourse many of these are done via Zoom for live delivery but why not have them pre-recorded so no matter the circumstance or climate you have the ability to cash cheques and take payment delivering the same said service to customers phones.

Now back in 2018 we created this platform but I have been pushing this agenda since 2011 when I created an online recruitment platform called fastforwardme (FFM). FFM place employers and employees on the same page connecting each other without the need for a consultant to broker deals; they essentially would. find each other based on information they placed on registration.

I didn’t stop there, I personally went on a rampage pushing this type of online service highlighting customers to do the same. Fastforward (pun intended) to now and this method of service couldn’t be more essential to surviving Covid Pandemics and personally what I predict will become the main method of service delivery moving forward. With working from home and more innovative ways of working being implemented company’s are realising that they can maintain and possibly increase productivity by remote working and increasing online delivery. Don’t waste anymore time

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Kwame Badu