Spend it or Save it

I love money I love spending money listen Money is King or is it.
I am most definitely a fan of doing both; each have their benefits and can financially reward you immensely however I feel that there is a better way. One which isn’t spoken of enough but can keep your basket full of fruit year-round – Pandemic or Not.

Assets that pay you monthly which we call a Cashflow, a healthy cashflow is the number solution to the question. Spend it to earn it is the simple way of understanding it. Let’s see how.

So you have a lump sum of money – Capital – you take it and spend it on an online platform called eLearning KB Consultancy which provides a solution to entrepreneurial pain points (has demand) and charge users between £50 – £600 per month (it’s up to you) to gain from the platform; you then collect a monthly fee from them (call it an even 10, yes 10 customers paying the minimum fee equals £500 per month).

Your money is now working for you (pandemic proof) and is giving you a return better than any interest from a savings account. To make this platform will cost you £5k – £7k to make and the return is as long as a piece of string. Naturally the typical growth and marketing processes are needed hence the cost, but you see how spending money can more greatly support you financially.

Now of course this goes for property as well and is more guaranteed. However not everyone wants to or needs to buy a property to benefit from this amazing concept.

So let see what you got. Get those digital juices going and go make some cashflow and stop inflation, tax and small interest rates eat away at your earning potential.