Stop Reading Start Doing

Don’t get me wrong I love a good read
Ive read books such Rich Dad Poor Dad that helped me with Property
I read James Khan The Real Deal which helped me with my Recruitment company.

I’m Currently reading She Builds Brands to help me fully understand Branding in line with delivering excellence to our client being that we manage digital presence for companies
But even school colleges and Uni have a shelf life for learning apprenticeships masters PHD’s there’s a window where enough enough and the need to take action becomes not only the next step it becomes the only step.

So let’s look at an example…in fact forget an example I want you to answer a question for me….Do you go to the Gym you know do you workout. Im hoping the answer is Yes because in my community the KB Family physical fitness is key healthy eating is the door and a great Bod is the living room that we reside. Ok you want more…the House is the healthy body mind and spirit (or vibe feeling karma whatever floats you noodles in the pot).

I digress; when you workout do you read on the techniques to lift the weights curl your arms legs back chest. Did you read on how to skip or best ways to jog. Perhaps for some of you the answer is yes but Im sure for a great many of you you simply jumped in the gym the a game of double dutch and got going until the sweat and pain stopped ya. In fact the sweat and pain is what let you know you were doing a great job right. Hmmm interesting. Why not apply the same teachings to business then. Oh trust me if you think running a business SUCCESSFULLY isn’t painful then you’re not running a business its’ running you. Listen to me dear reader…Take action

I’ll put it to yo like this there’s a time where you have to stop reading books and start writing your own. Im not saying stop now I’m not saying don’t read a book what I am saying is don’t become so accustomed to reading this book that book and feel you are advancing. I mean the book is to teach you how to do it so get up and do it right!!!

As I mentioned at the beginning I read books in line with action I wanted to take James Khan created a recruitment company which he registered in a shed in Pall Mall just for the benefits that come with that address and met all his clients at their offices or the local cafe…Genius I learnt from that. Robert Kiyosaki taught me how to think like the rich and change my poor man mindset which I tell you is a struggle especially when you come from where I come from (Council flat 20th floor divorced family with my old man who worked as an electrician for LEB – London Electricity Board). I mean reading his book was like Neo meeting Morpheus…I woke the hell up and Im forever grateful to my mum for handing me that book. I bought a flat 2 years later.

Look I could ramble on forever because I’m passion about this aspect and to be honest my mentor spoke to me about this this very morning. I kid you not…my mentor is a no nonsense guy and doesn’t beat about the bush haha he literally is the bush the Burning Bush if your religious you’ll catch met meaning.

So here you go hope you enjoy. I’ll be dropping one every week so if you love this I got more for ya. Have a great week and Take action